Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Real Estate Agents Using Hypnosis to Sell in Australia

Real estate agents have been selling with hypnosis in Atlanta for many years. And, now someone in the press in Australia has noticed that real estate agents are using hypnosis there as well.

The Atlanta real estate agents have been using a conversational style of hypnosis, which is closely related to NeuroLinguistic Programming, or NLP.

Conversational hypnosis and NLP are a far cry from the swinging watches of the movies or the barking dog antics of a stage show. The real estate agents are simply using powerful hypnotic language and ideas to increase the effectiveness of their sales pitch. The agents are not need their customers to close their eyes, and drift off into dream land. Their purpose is to put the customers in a buying mood, and to create good feelings towards themselves and the properties that the agents want to sell.

Of course, all the hypnosis in the world will not make someone buy a one room efficiency for a family of five, or a cluster home in the city if the buyer wants a rural bungalow with a three acre lot and cows mooing romantically off in the distance.

An example of hypnotic language is “embedded commands” which are hypnotic suggestions hidden inside of a sentence. An example might be, “I am not sure that YOU ARE READY TO MAKE A DECISION TODAY.” The capitalized words would be spoken in a different tone of voice, perhaps more slowly, or more loudly to get the message to the unconscious mind, which responds to the different emphasis as if those words are a separate message.

Another suggestion might be offered to someone who truly likes a home, but who has been hesitating. “Since you are in a hurry to get into your new home, I am sure that you will feel a real sense of relief that you can begin planning your move right away, after having made a definite decision by (buy) today.

The agent starts by getting agreement from the buyer by mentioning the buyer's known need to hurry. The words “sense of relief” and “planning the move” presume that the client will indeed buy the home that interests them. And, of course, there is the double meaning of by/buy.

What makes hypnosis effective is more than just the words. The agents have to be in good rapport with the buyers, and to have communicated the suggestions with honest nonverbal signals as well. For example, if the agent says “yes” while shaking his or her head “no” the message will be much less effective.

And, even more importantly, the agents must have noticed the responses of the buyers to their suggestions and then used more of the suggestions that encouraged agreement and the willingness of the buyers to follow along.

So, how can you be certain to avoid being hypnotized into purchases that you will later regret? Simply pay attention to your thoughts and feelings while the sales person is showing you the product and telling you about all the benefits of having it by/buy today. If something does not seem or feel right, just trust yourself and wait until later to fully decide about buying, or not, when you are away from the sales person.

Sales people, including real estate agents, will keep to using the principles of hypnosis from Atlanta to Australia to sell their products or services. Awareness is the key to making good buying decisions, just as it has always been.

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Chu said...

Real estate acquisitions is definitely a too big ones to engage in, better have a super natural focus to avoid those "hypnosis".